Aug 12, 2009

Starbucks Or Teavana. Is loose tea leaves the new lata ?

For as long as I can remember I have always been a Starbucks fanatic, even before they joined McDonald's to conquer the world of franchise. It was unknowingly though that I stumbled across the next best thing.

Its called "Teavana" A high end gourmet tea cafe. The smell of the fresh tea leaves hypnotizes you right into the shop. And I must say the free samples didn't help me stray away from purchasing a cup. What I love about the shop is that each featured tea of the day, displayed its beneficial value. The tea samples are lightly sweetened. They can be ordered hot or iced, in a 16 ounce cup. For get trying to memorize different sizes in another language just ask for a 16ouncer and your set. And if you want to create your own mix, or purchase it to make in the comfort of your home you are welcomed to purchase their loose tea leave in a convenient decorative large size can. Great gift idea for a special occasion, birthday, or holiday. I've always loved tea, and now that I discovered this place, I am instantly hooked. So try it and give me your feed back on what you think....

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