Aug 20, 2009

My Baby Fell Out of His Crib !

This post is another FYI for new mothers out their. My 8 month old son, what an adventurer he is... It was a normal morning I was getting him ready for the sitters and placed him in his crib as I went to run the water for his bath. I turned my back for a split second. I immediately heard a Giggle, Thump, and a high pitched scream. My little guy had fallen from his crib and landed on the back of his head. I immediately grabbed him and he had a ginormous bump on the back of his head. To make a long story short I rushed him to the emergency room, and there he got his first cat scan. The cat scan was negative and they send us home with instructions of a cold compress and Tylenol. Thank goodness he was OK, but it just didn't' sit well with me I didn't know how he was able to reach and fall over the crib. It was lowered and we had one more level, but it still didn't' add up he should have been successful in his adventures. That night I placed him in the crib and watched like a hawk. To my surprise he used the crib bumper to as a stepping stole to make his escape. Just to those mother that don't know like me. I know its cute, but remember as soon as your baby can pull himself up, remove the bumper, it will save you a trip to the ER.  Try this method to get your baby sound

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