Aug 7, 2009

Fevers may be caused by not just "infant teething", but "infant mouth sores" ?

It started Tuesday night. My 8 month old son was turning 9 months the next day and I was so proud at how quickly he was developing into a healthy bouncing baby boy. I just thanked GOD for his great health. During that night I would have never expected he would develop a low grade fever. It was the summer months so I initially thought it was due to the weather and lowered the air conditioner five more degrees. But he seemed to get hotter. When I checked his temperature it was at exactly 101. 8 Degrees. A low grade for his age, but remember I was just stating how he never got sick. I gave him some Tylenol and his temp lowered to 100. 4 and it remained there for the next day with no luck of it going down. The same night I called the Dr. to make an appointment for the next day. He was miserable, lifeless, irritated and wouldn't eat. He kept pulling at is mouth so, I assumed since he had no other symptoms like diarrhea or vomiting that it must be his teeth, to put a mothers heart to ease till the doctor can confirm.

Te next day at the doctors, as usual it took forever before the nurse called us to the patient room. The Nurse did their usual checked his weight and vital signs. I was growing quite impatient. My energetic, full of life, bouncing baby boy, looked like a form of "happy baby kryptonite" got hold of him. Finally the Dr. entered the room. After checking and canceling out stomach virus, ear infection, and teething, she shined the light to the back of his throat and there lay the culprit. Over a dozen spots all over the roof of his mouth leading to his throat. What is it I asked ? How did he get it ? A thousand questions .... came spilling out of my mouth. Dr W gave me a look and said "Lets find out" she pulled out a large q-tip... (SWAB) and ran it across the top part of his mouth,. It was taken to the lab. I was now tremendously impatient. What seemed like years finally came to an end. Dr. W stated that my son had caught " viral mouth ulcers" a baby version of the cold sore, but they get it inside their mouth. She said it most likely was from a person with a cold. It would last about 7 to 10 days and to just give him some ibuprofen so the swelling will go down. How could such little spots bring my baby to such a crawl.. but it happens. A lot of moms aren't aware of this type of virus.. Just and FYI, next time your baby is feeling a little under the weather check the back of his throat he may need another kind of pain medication opposed to the one your giving them. Motrin worked great to bring the swelling down from the ulcers.

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