Jul 10, 2009

Life is unpredictable, but it doesnt own your destiny !

Life is what you make it and your destiny is within your hands. The best way to think about it is imagine a novel that lets you choose what happens in the next chapter, though you don’t know what the outcome can be, you still have the free will to decide what road is best. Common sense is what we consider everyone to have when it comes to making a life changing decision. Unfortunately this is not the case in most situations. The majority of us who naturally knows what is the right thing to do, can sometimes let influences come between our blessings and lead us down the wrong path. We have obstacles that get in our way and entice us in the wrong direction. Ex. “You have an important mandatory meeting at 6:30am the next morning, your friends call you up they have an extra ticket to your favorite show in the city and want you to go, the show ends at 1am. “ You know that you probably won’t make it home till about 3am at the latest, but you go anyway. So the next morning you make it to the meeting late, and miss and important part that directly involves you.

This is where reasoning and the free will to decide comes into play. When instead of leading Life we let Life lead us. The best rewards in life are when you can make a past decision that will benefit your future. Deciding that what happens today can give me a better tomorrow. There are people suffering right now because of the fact that they made what seemed like a minor wrong decision at some point that affected their life right now. Before jumping the gun to make a decision, think about how it may affect your future and sometimes the future the ones you love most. Remember your destiny is right at your finger tips… Take control of it.

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