Jul 6, 2009

How Not to Plan....

How we wish for those long weekends to come in so that we can fill them with fun filled activities with the family, and clean up that closet that we just can’t get to during our regular schedules because we are so damn busy. I was so elated to find out that I would have a three day weekend with Friday being off. I couldn’t wait to start my weekend. I had planned like I was off for a month and didn’t realize that the regular happenings of life had its way of crawling into my fun bubble and bursting it was the true reality. So though I was grateful for the extra day home with the family, I have to say that I had a rude awakening when the walk in the park with the kids didn’t happen, or getting some “Spa Time” for my daughter and I fell through the cracks. They say don’t fail to plan, or you plan to fail. But in a nutshell my advice is don’t get so wrapped up in planning that you forget to live life. Remember regardless if you PLAN for it or not “Life Happens”.. :o) Lesson for the weekend.

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