Jul 16, 2009

They say "follow me on twitter", but unfollow you. Ways to find out who unfollowed:

Just about everyone is using the new social network micro blog called "Twitter", and I must say I myself have become hooked. Its simple send out information that will attract others that have the same interest as you. In turn they start following you to keep up with the information that you provide through this mini blog. So in essence your number of people following you should continue to grow.. Correct ? Well not technically, the twist is if for whatever reason you don't keep their attention they will suddenly stop following you and your number of followers then decreases. Trust me its happen to me and at first I had so many questions as to when they stopped ? , to what was the Tweet that turned them off ? . Unfortunately Twitter doesn't answer those questions, but I was able to discover a tool that does just that it is called "Qwitter", Qwitter allows you to see when someone "unfollowed" you and the last Tweet prior to them removing you from their friend list. Every time someone unfollows you, and email is generated to notify you how sweet is that. Don't get sad, remember that people are joining Twitter every day so ever unfollower is replaceable.

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