Jul 2, 2009

Change Your Destiny

Sometimes you come to a point where you have to stop and ask your self is where I am where I really want to be right now. It seems like for the past four weeks I have been pondering on this question over and over again. But regardless how I switch up reasons of what bought me to where I am today; the reality is I haven’t yet began to live my life to the fullest. I haven’t yet began to see life for what it is or what it could be. I am living by the clock. Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock, no interruption, no surprises. We all have to sit back sometime and ask ourselves, “What is my true purpose here? “. I am trapped behind a desk for eight to nine hours in a day. Monday thru Friday putting out what is asked of me in an effort to maintain my sanity (or what is left of it), sad… My physical and spirit are not in sync. My spirit wants to motivate help and captivate ...My mother always said if you don’t like it fix it. One question holds me back thought where do I begin?

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