Jul 16, 2009

They say "follow me on twitter", but unfollow you. Ways to find out who unfollowed:

Just about everyone is using the new social network micro blog called "Twitter", and I must say I myself have become hooked. Its simple send out information that will attract others that have the same interest as you. In turn they start following you to keep up with the information that you provide through this mini blog. So in essence your number of people following you should continue to grow.. Correct ? Well not technically, the twist is if for whatever reason you don't keep their attention they will suddenly stop following you and your number of followers then decreases. Trust me its happen to me and at first I had so many questions as to when they stopped ? , to what was the Tweet that turned them off ? . Unfortunately Twitter doesn't answer those questions, but I was able to discover a tool that does just that it is called "Qwitter", Qwitter allows you to see when someone "unfollowed" you and the last Tweet prior to them removing you from their friend list. Every time someone unfollows you, and email is generated to notify you how sweet is that. Don't get sad, remember that people are joining Twitter every day so ever unfollower is replaceable.

Jul 14, 2009

Parenting Help: How to deal with the toddler behavior, "Terrible Twos"

As a new mother everything always seems like an exciting adventure for you and your little one. The little person that you bought into the world, you figure can never do wrong, so innocent and helpless. It is a natural instinct that you want to protect them and make sure they have. As they grow you become more enthused as they learn and discover new things. like drinking out of a straw, or reading their first words.

So imagine the shock when they hit the age of two years old and get totally out of control. A lot of parents are shocked to discover that terrible two's are actually a real thing. I myself was amazed when my precious little princess, completely learned how to ignore my instructions of not to jump on the sofa. We try to do our best to avoid, what everyone was telling us was soon approaching as our youngster edged closer to the mark of destruction. Wouldn't it be great if you can get some help to train you toddler to behave. Many parents are running around (literally) stressed out from constantly repeating them selves or pulling out their hair even, but FINALLY their is a product on the market that can help  

Jul 10, 2009

Life is unpredictable, but it doesnt own your destiny !

Life is what you make it and your destiny is within your hands. The best way to think about it is imagine a novel that lets you choose what happens in the next chapter, though you don’t know what the outcome can be, you still have the free will to decide what road is best. Common sense is what we consider everyone to have when it comes to making a life changing decision. Unfortunately this is not the case in most situations. The majority of us who naturally knows what is the right thing to do, can sometimes let influences come between our blessings and lead us down the wrong path. We have obstacles that get in our way and entice us in the wrong direction. Ex. “You have an important mandatory meeting at 6:30am the next morning, your friends call you up they have an extra ticket to your favorite show in the city and want you to go, the show ends at 1am. “ You know that you probably won’t make it home till about 3am at the latest, but you go anyway. So the next morning you make it to the meeting late, and miss and important part that directly involves you.

This is where reasoning and the free will to decide comes into play. When instead of leading Life we let Life lead us. The best rewards in life are when you can make a past decision that will benefit your future. Deciding that what happens today can give me a better tomorrow. There are people suffering right now because of the fact that they made what seemed like a minor wrong decision at some point that affected their life right now. Before jumping the gun to make a decision, think about how it may affect your future and sometimes the future the ones you love most. Remember your destiny is right at your finger tips… Take control of it.

Jul 9, 2009

Direct Selling the New "9 to 5"

The economy seems to have created an environment where having a 9 to 5 doesn't secure your future and longer. Times like these have pushed people into supplementing their income with home based businesses or part time jobs. Majority of these home based business are what is called "direct selling" or most commonly know as "Network Marketing". I could almost feel the cringe from whoever is reading this blog, once those words were uttered, but you would be surprised how many people make a decent income that can sometimes provide for that necessity that seemed unreachable with their full time jobs income. I just the other day was watching "Good Morning America", and it was mentioned, that due to the high number of lost jobs a lot of people have flocked to direct sales methods, because of its quick cash availability.

For those of us who are afraid to check out alternatives to the 9 to 5. I am here to say don't be afraid to try some of the corporations that have been around for years. You have corporations like Avon, Mary Kay, and Quick Star just to name a few. If you do decide to go with a newer company just make sure you do your research and verify the company at BBB ( Better Business Bureau) on-line. Multiple streams of income should be a focus for everyone.. A guaranteed check from your full time job, can sometimes not be so guaranteed when they cut back on the budget and you're the first to be handed the pink slip. But becoming your own boss predicts your job may be around a little longer.

Jul 6, 2009

How Not to Plan....

How we wish for those long weekends to come in so that we can fill them with fun filled activities with the family, and clean up that closet that we just can’t get to during our regular schedules because we are so damn busy. I was so elated to find out that I would have a three day weekend with Friday being off. I couldn’t wait to start my weekend. I had planned like I was off for a month and didn’t realize that the regular happenings of life had its way of crawling into my fun bubble and bursting it was the true reality. So though I was grateful for the extra day home with the family, I have to say that I had a rude awakening when the walk in the park with the kids didn’t happen, or getting some “Spa Time” for my daughter and I fell through the cracks. They say don’t fail to plan, or you plan to fail. But in a nutshell my advice is don’t get so wrapped up in planning that you forget to live life. Remember regardless if you PLAN for it or not “Life Happens”.. :o) Lesson for the weekend.

Jul 2, 2009

Change Your Destiny

Sometimes you come to a point where you have to stop and ask your self is where I am where I really want to be right now. It seems like for the past four weeks I have been pondering on this question over and over again. But regardless how I switch up reasons of what bought me to where I am today; the reality is I haven’t yet began to live my life to the fullest. I haven’t yet began to see life for what it is or what it could be. I am living by the clock. Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock, no interruption, no surprises. We all have to sit back sometime and ask ourselves, “What is my true purpose here? “. I am trapped behind a desk for eight to nine hours in a day. Monday thru Friday putting out what is asked of me in an effort to maintain my sanity (or what is left of it), sad… My physical and spirit are not in sync. My spirit wants to motivate help and captivate ...My mother always said if you don’t like it fix it. One question holds me back thought where do I begin?

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