Jun 19, 2009

I am officially a "Twitter"

Alright I know its been quite a while since I posted anything, I think the shock of the pregnancy is finally wearing off and I can say I am feeling almost like my old self again. Reentering the world of living life can sometime be a slow process. After hearing over and over again, about "twitting", "twitter", "a twit". I decided to give it a try and see if I can actually join the rest of the world it seams in the new found domain of "Social Networking". Don't get me wrong I have a "Myspace", and "Facebook" but the "Twitter" ( I am not completely from the stone ages) seemed a little more scarey all it is is updates of status, news, events, anything and everything going on in your world. After playing around with it for two days now I must say, I find it a bit appealing and almost like a necessity to have. Great way to meet new friends, discuss current events, promote your business, also keep a to do list. I recommend everyone give it a try. It doesn't hurt to create and account, if it doesn't quite make your list of great tools for todays society delete your account. Check it out let me know how it does for you.

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