Feb 12, 2008

Were you denied Social Credit ?

Education a four -syllable word in text, but to some a realm not encoutered. The mind embellished in its own container has the capacity to hold the equivalence to galaxy. A canvas blank, dehydrated in need of paint to encompass its existence. Society measures the length of your survival by your academic distance, even when the stride is maximized by determination. If not carefully held in reserve, they excavate the time capsule in which your goals where achieved in a means to evaluate your victory, and find you in inapt to your claims of success. But wouldn’t you rather be cross-examined then overlooked and considered insignificant? A need to stop classification of individuals based on the bill paid for their schooling, vehicle, clothing and other materialistic junk needs to be implemented within our society. The practice of categorizing and placing each person into the appropriate social class is consistent with segregation. When will it all stop ?

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