Feb 17, 2008

Northern Illinois University: Massacre 101

Another tragedy occurs on the life of America's future. I find it amazing that the new popularity contest ends with multiple deaths and a suicide....

My mouth dropped open as I watched in horror what seemed like a rerun of the massacre that took place not even a year ago at Virginia Tech. I remember the days when something like this surround the characters of followers of a cult leader. It was becoming too familiar a scene on TV I realized. Like more of a episode of a bad reality show. I couldn't imagine what would make an upcoming model student want to kill. Was it caused by some form of mental dysfunction, or a cry for society to pay closer attention to its upcoming leaders of the next generation. Is this a sign ?

Comments from people that new the shooter, raved about his contribution to the community, good student and role as a leader. Behavioral habits wouldn't serve as a clue to identify this young mans troubles. Nonetheless, not knowing what sparked this action may be America's next biggest killer.

Massacre 101 is in need of cure, I must believe that prayer as a nation is our only hope.

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