Feb 25, 2008

Keeping the Ugly Out

It seems this past week has taken me captive. But its only life doing what it does best. A romantic get a way with the hubby. A snow storm. An ice storm. A weekend with friends. All cushioned between my regular activies. Enjoy life my father says to me as if it is a secret. Live each day as if your last, don't sweat the small stuff. Easier said then done, I realized during my weekend trip to the big apple.

A three day trip to the city that never sleeps, planned to celebrate my sisiters thirty somthing birthday. We had it all laid out quarters in the Marriot Marquis, shopping in SoHo, a play on broadway, with dinner in timesquare to end the night. Glitz without the drama we believed would be our reality. Though our plans went as scheduled it was the transition to each that made our stomach flip over and over and over. It seemed the four of us would accomplish revealing the ugly version all humans keep hidden till the secret button underneth our sensitvie spot is pushed. New Yorkers can be so harsh.. I whispered underneath my breath, and smiled away, refusing to let their ugly in.

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