Feb 12, 2008

5 tips to save money without interrupting your shopping.

I know we have heard it many times, about saving money for a rainy day. Unfortunately society doesn't allow for that. I don't remember last time I walked around with enough cash in my pocket to avoid using that shiny plastic card linked to my bank account. Everything these days seem to be credit card equiped. I have to say that is when I truely knew that I had to reanalyze my spending habits when I ran into a soda machines that accepted credit cards. I've listed below a few things I did to save a few extra dollars;

  1. NO MORE STARBUCKS: Cut back on my daily addiction to the infamous Green Tea frapp which I swore I couldn't live without. Now I make my own ! It taste better too

  2. PAY MY SELF FIRST: Increasing my 401k budget by 1% every time I received a raise. Did you know that the more money you add the more money your company will give you.

  3. SHOP DISCOUNT STORES: Shopping at discount stores like Marshalls, and ROSS. They have the same stuff for way less. And you can almost always find brand name items for as much as 70% off. If you don't like to go out to shop, check out stores like Overstock.com or Amazon. Remember the one mans trash is another mans treasure.

  4. WHEN IN DOUBT BROWN BAG IT: When I started doing this I became incredibly shocked to find out the amount of money I was throwing away on a daily basis. I approximated almost $200.00 per month. Trust me you will definately see a difference in this area of your budget.

  5. JOIN A DISCOUNT CLUB: Discount clubs like BJ's and COSCO are so budget friendly. You can save so much if you purchase household items such as toilet paper, toothpaste, deoderant and detergent. Just to name a few. They last a long time. I can't remember last time I had to purchase these items.

These are just a few things that you can change that won't be too difficult. In the long run it will be worth having the extra cash.

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