Jun 19, 2019

I am the Mom, thats why !

Quotes have taken over our life, from trending on social media  to being labeled on shirts, mugs. A new form of speaking our minds passively. Quotes from Mom are always amusing because of our daily task of dealing with little ones.  They are curious and actively seeking information to absorb. Unlike adults the ridiculous things they do always amuse us. What adult can get away with putting their dirty foot in their mouth or sticking a carrot up their nose and you think its adorable. Nevertheless, we do at time can get a little frustrated if these cute gestures become too consistent. They quickly become dangerous as both can be harmful. But again these are our babies so we have to guide them with gentleness, and not let them see our true frustrations.  That is why the ability to wear a quote becomes quite the gift for most moms, especially since most infants and toddlers cant read.

Best Mom Shirts .. Thank goodness they can't read what’s on your mind.

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